(Not So) Basic Fall

This sweater is one of those things I totally remember seeing in DI and being like “okay, I NEED that.” I was walking down an isle and I literally stopped dead in my tracks, said “Holy freaking COW” a little louder than is socially acceptable, and did a weird little half-sprint over to the rack this was on. I don’t think I even tried it on (half because sweaters and anything fuzzy are pretty high on the ick-factor for me and not my favorite to be in contact with until they’ve seen some Tide, half because I was just that sure I HAD to have it), I just took it up to the counter. This was one of those sweaters that would suddenly elevate my fall outfits to common “basic white girl” to fancy-chi-chi-la-la-I-go-to-Sundance-or-Park-City-or-something-I-don’t-really-know-BUT I’M FANCY. Incidentally, the person I was with was like “Sydney.. I’m gonna be real with you. That’s the ugliest sweater I’ve ever seen”. To each their own, but this was definitely one of the best $7 purchases of my 21 years on Earth.


Naturally, when the temperatures dropped and October rolled around it was time to head up Provo Canyon, and I had to break out this sweater.


Fun fact- I also remember thinking “this is totally one of those ‘kind of ugly but also cool’ sweaters you would find at Anthro” and I WAS RIGHT…

Sparrow for Anthropologie, 100% lambs wool and retailing for anywhere from $80 to $150 online, like new condition. I’m a lucky girl ❤

(If you absolutely need a sweater as cool as mine I did some digging and found a link for y’all- Anthropologie Sparrow Lodestar Navajo Sweater Coat)


This time I kept it simple and styled it with just classic jeans and a blouse, but I think a denim shirtdress is next. I love that it makes a statement and  the geometric patterns and bright colors.


Boots were clearance at Nordstrom Rack (details HERE)




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