Coming Soon…

For those of you who follow me on insta, you caught a little sneak peek of all the goodies I found this passed week at the new Springville DI. While posts are coming soon about how I styled each item, I couldn’t wait to share a little bit of what I found!

So, for your viewing pleasure…


I hinted that I couldn’t escape the denim section this trip. But don’t blame me, there were (not even kidding) like 8 racks. It was amazing. One of the things I snagged from a rack was these mom jeans. I know a few posts ago I talked about how I like to style this cut of jeans, but unfortunately the ones that I mentioned in that post aren’t fitting quite like I want them to. So I grabbed these ones which not only fit great, but have my favorite wash EVER. Win.

These weren’t the only denim purchase however… (don’t judge me..)


I know what you’re wondering. Is that another denim skirt? Well, yes it is. But it’s DIFFERENT. Let me tell you what I’m thinking with this one. A while ago I was browsing at H&M and found a skirt I loved, but I didn’t love the over-my-budget price tag. So, I’m thinking a little DIY may be in order.


(H&M Denim Skirt- $34.99)

Adorable right? I want to cut a little off the seam of mine and distress it a bit to get the same look. For $5 it can’t be beat.

The last find was inspired for my longing for summer to finally roll around. Once I pop the shoulder pads out of this dress (thank you, 1980’s), I have a feeling it’ll be in heavy rotation!


Its hard to tell from the photo, but it has the cutest little rounded collar and covered buttons, with an ankle length hemline and a buttoned cinch in the back. I get a bit of a 50’s vibe from this dress, and with the twirly skirt I think it’ll be perfect for when the sun comes out!

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