Houndstooth- Revisited

(If you missed my last post about this coat- go back and read it here)

As I’ve mentioned before, I love houndstooth. Big fan. Something about it just says class- or as my Grandma would say, it’s very “smart”. When you pair it with a great fabric and cut, it’s always a surefire way to add a little Hepburn to any outfit.

I’ll be honest though, I’ve kind of struggled to style this coat. I think with the cut it’s almost meant to be worn almost completely buttoned up, kind of like a dress, which is fine and dandy if that’s your style but it seemed a little dated and a little mature for the look I was going for.

Buuuttttt…. I found a way to style it for a snowy, sunny, freezing day that I really loved.


My favorite thing about this outfit is the contrast. The coat is a statement, so I decided to wear it with all black to balance it out. From there, the turtle neck and the tights are a little more covered up, but I paired it with a shorter hemline.



The skirt is kind of flouncy and girly and the coat is also very feminine and cute, but I chose to pair it with the over-the-knee boots to A)sass it up a bit, and B)because it was flippin’ cold and I aint about that frostbite life. If you haven’t snagged a pair yet, DO IT, cause these have literally been my favorite thing since I got them. This is one of my favorite pairs, and if you like to rock a heel on the reg these are an awesome pair too. (Both on sale for under $100!)

Also am I the only one wayyy too excited to keep sunglasses in 24/7 rotation once summer rolls around? (It really was bright, I promise 😉 )


Do you have any vintage pieces you have a hard time styling? How do you switch it up?

Till next time friends!


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