Ch Ch Changes

I originally started this blog for a class.
I had always kind of looked at bloggers with a turned up nose. These women had these immaculately curated instagrams, blogs, websites, whatever, and I thought it seemed self absorbed and kind of shallow. Let’s be real, I can’t say I wasn’t envious of their perfect beachy waves, seemingly endless closets, and husbands that not only looked like they belonged in GQ but also apparently had amazing iPhone photography skills.

I just thought telling the whole internet your every thought and why you thought this conditioner was so great and how you only buy the best vegan gluten free artesian ketchup imported from Norway seemed…. Kind of dumb.

And then I started blogging for a class.
And it was fun.
And I liked it.

I’ve always loved to create things. It’s something that brings me joy and makes me feel fulfilled. Creating posts for my blog has been a way for me to do that. Originally, I started this blog intending to only post vintage/thrift finds, which I still plan on keeping as a large part of it, but I’m now excited to announce I’ll be expanding things a bit!


(Just to get an idea of the poor quality of my iPhone selfies….. I’ll be sharing the fun stuff I found on this trip soon!)

I cringe at using the term “lifestyle blog”, because I still can’t bring myself to admit that I actually enjoy blogging and might be kind of Basic, buuut… Let me just say things will become more inclusive. Food, travel, fashion, and of course lots of vintage. Hope you stick around, I think you’ll like the new changes 🙂


If I start taking about artesian ketchup, someone please slap me

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