Number Five

“Sydney you should probably stop buying denim skirts” -Said people whose negativity I don’t need in my life, also my Mother (but it’s cool cause she’s a nice mom)

But really though. I’ll admit it, I have a problem. If there’s an Intervention for people who have vintage shopping addictions, keep an eye out for me on A&E, because this is my 5th denim skirt in my closet. I can’t be the only one though right?


BUT this one is totally my favorite. It’s more of a rigid denim, the waist hits at just the right spot, I love the length and the wash is definitely a good amount of worn-in. The brand is Cowboy by Whipp, which I’m pretty sure is some variation on Wrangler (?), and I think that’s why it has some sweet flaps to wear suspenders with it.


What I love about a denim skirt is that it’s literally so easy to pair with almost any outfit. I love it right now during this weird transitional weather especially. Whether paired with a flannel or cute sweater and some boots or dressed up with a blouse and maybe some strappy stacked heel sandals for a night out, it’s definitely a good piece to invest in. (or you can hit the Provo DI and grab one for $4 like yours truly 😉 )


What about you? Any finds you always gravitate towards when you shop vintage??



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