Always Classy

When I was in middle school, the shopping angels smiled down on me and I found what would soon be my favorite coat. It was a little houndstooth dress coat with a full skirt and a belt, and I wore that thing to death. Looking back, maybe it wasn’t the best choice to rock with my Vans and light wash jeans (oh, to be 12 again), but after I grew out of it I still kind of missed it sometimes. Honestly  I think it might still be in my closet at my parents house, but I’ll save myself the embarrassment of being a grown woman trying to squeeze into a tween sized jacket.

Fast forward to this summer when I made the 45 minute drive to the “fancy Savers” up in Lehi (let’s be real, we all know some thrift stores are a lot nicer than others), when I found this little number.


A 1980’s Brooks Brothers coat with a little more streamlined cut, but still all the houndstooth! I happened to snag this collarless swing coat on the day that all purple tags were an extra 50% off too, so I wasn’t too upset about the $5 price tag.

Over a black crepe sheath dress and paired with some sassy shoes and a red lip I had a vintage look for Sunday… Maybe with a fun statement necklace next time 😉


(Also totally a sucker for covered buttons and a car selfie)

I’m super excited for all the fun finds I get to finally show off as the weather cools down!

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