Do More of what Makes You Happy

Soooo… Between ending a semester, summer classes, a(nother) new job, friends, weddings and whatnot, my little blog project hasn’t gotten a lot of love. But I’m here again to share some thoughts and a look I love!
Guys, really though.. between life drama, work drama, school drama, boy drama… life can seem pretty lame. We let ourselves get so caught up in frustrations, stress, or even the monotony of things that we sometimes lose track of what matters most, and we stop doing things to “fill our cup”, as my mom says. So as my little soap box comment today, I’m saying do more of what makes you happy. Whether it’s a little or a lot, fit some time in to do something for you. Grab a dipped cone on the way home from work, do something nice for someone, exercise, visit a favorite thrift store. Count your blessings, put on a smile 😉


(Also totally heading over here to pick up this adorable print from Mooseberry Paper Co.)

Going along with that—— I’ll totally admit I’ve always been a tiny bit self conscious about wearing my random thrift store clothes. Don’t get me wrong, if I get something it’s because I totally love it. But the high school sophomore inside my head always has to comment “Sydney, nobody will like you if you wear those weird pants. That shirt looks like your Grandma’s curtains.”
This skirt is one of those things. I realize it’s kind of a total 90’s mom skirt. I’ve always been concerned wearing something kind of weird and also conservative might get me labeled as a “weird mormon” (btw, we’re totally cool guys. If you have any questions check this out). But if wearing the weird skirt makes you happy, go for it. I actually think it’s kind of adorable.


I snagged this skirt over at Deseret Industries back when there was still snow on the ground, and I wasn’t quite sure how to style it- but I was feeling something summery and more laid back for church today so this fit the bill quite nicely in our 90 degree heat. I paired it with a top I bought on a whim at forever 21 a while ago and some gold accessories.


Plus the slit in the back makes it totally comfortable for impromptu dance parties 😉

So do your thing guys, be happy, wear the weird skirt. ❤



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