You are Formally Invited…

“Why didn’t they have stuff like this when I went to prom?” is something I lament whenever I see stylish, modest, and affordable formal dresses now. When I was in high school, the goal was to wear the same dress as everyone else, but make sure it was tighter, lower cut, and with a higher slit than the other girl. To each her own, but it wasn’t exactly my style. It was a struggle to find something that was modest, unique, and didn’t look like a bridesmaids dress. Finally, after multiple trips, some tears, and a bit of handiwork with a needle, I had something I was happy to wear to my senior prom. (Shoutout to my mom for putting up with the teenage girl drama)
Thankfully, retailers have stepped up their game and are offering lots of different options that check all the boxes- even adding a little vintage flair. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with all of you who might be looking for some fashion for a formal event. Enjoy!


I love LOVE the allover beading on this gown. It adds a very roaring 20’s vibe, plus, there’s no need to fret over finding the perfect accessories. Add some simple studs and make a statement with this gorgeous dress.

ASOS SALON All Over Embellished Maxi Dress; $204

This little yellow fit and flair is a bit simpler, but I think the details really elevate it and make it a great option for a girl looking for a 50’s inspired look. Isn’t that the cutest bow and keyhole back?!

DONNA MORGAN Cap-Sleeve Pleated Fit and Flare Dress; $98.99

image1xxl copy

I’m a big fan of anything 70’s, pleated, or with a floaty sleeve, so this dress hits all the marks. Rock it with a bandeau or stitch up the neckline a few inches if you’re concerned about coverage. I think this would be adorable accented with a cute sparkly belt, there are some great ones here and here.


Who doesn’t love an LBD? Perfect for anyone going for an Old Hollywood screen siren look, this gown is chic yet makes a statement, and accentuates an hourglass figure.

Velvet Rope Ready Dress in Noir; $89.99


I’m sure I’m not the only person who wishes they could raid the wardrobe department of Downton Abbey. The drop waist on this dress reminds me of a look one of the Crawley sisters would wear- sass it up with some edgy accessories for a modern twist.

Stevie May Menkar Maxi Dress in Moss Green; $237


This dress is the perfect pick for someone looking for something short and sassy. I love that you can still have all the fun and twirls with the poof, but the shorter hemline keeps you from feeling like you can’t get on the dance floor. I love the 50’s vibe, but the boxy sleeves keep it modern. What’s not to love?

ASOS SALON Lace And Organza Midi Dress; $161

Let me know what you think! And good luck to any of you shopping 😉

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