One for the Books

I caught the decorating bug recently, but as a student my “make the apartment pretty” budget is fairly tiny. So, I’ve been looking for low-cost yet cute and unique options to add some flair to our little home. One of my favorite things right now is as darling as it is inexpensive- Books! They add an extra dimension to an area, plus you might even read them 😉




I’ve had a lot of luck finding cool looking vintage books at second hand and thrift stores, sometimes for as little as 10 cents.

Some of my favorite antique books are family heirlooms- These ones are my Great-Great Grandpa’s books that he passed down to us. They are all suede or leather, and are from the early 1900’s.


One of my favorite things about these books is that he printed his name in them. It’s such a cool little piece of family history.


Another one of my favorites is actually one I picked up thrifting in London. There are so many cool antique book shops in the area, so if you’re ever across the pond, checking some out is a definite must. This is a copy of Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” from the mid 1900’s. This one has some writing in it too, which I think makes it extra special. Plus, who wouldn’t love those pictures??



Check out my Pinterest for some of my favorite ways to incorporate books into your decor.

What are some of your tips for inexpensive decorating? Let me know!

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