Cocktail (Ring) Party



Okay loves- super excited for this post today. One of my favorite favorite vintage items to shop for is jewelry. It can always be a struggle shopping clothing for various reasons- weird fits, weird smells, weird looks from people walking down the street wondering why you’re draped in something resembling an elderly woman’s sofa. But with jewelry, it can easily be sized, doesn’t smell, and is small enough to make a statement but still integrate into a look seamlessly. A particular favorite of mine is rings. I’m more of a ring person anyway, but it seems like there are always so many cool options in this area specifically. I have quite a few, but I want to share my 4 favorites.

This first one I picked up in antique store in Auburn, California. I love how this ring elongates the finger, and the way the gold and green contrast.


This one was a gift from my Grandma. Marquis cuts are my favorite, and this one is genuine garnet and sterling silver. The prongs are also super dainty, and I love the ridges in the band.


This one I picked up at a consignment/vintage store back home. It was my 20th birthday gift to myself, and I figured a splurge on something sparkly was in order. Vintage cluster rings offer so much bang for your buck, even if the stones aren’t super large putting them together provides quite the impact. Definitely one of my favorites 🙂


This last one was a ring I have loved since I was a little girl. My Grandma picked this ring up at a cute little shop when she first moved to California. The detail on this one is amazing, and it’s a little less glitzy than some, so it’s easy to wear more casually. I think of my Grandma every time I wear it, which is one of my favorite things about this ring.


That’s a peek inside my jewelry box!


I’m always adding to my collection; are there any etsy shops I should know about that specialize in vintage costume jewelry?

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