Sunday Best

This has to be one of my top 3 favorite vintage finds! One, because it is super adorable, and two, because of the sweet memories of when it was purchased.
My Grandma and I took a day trip up to Auburn to hit a few antique stores, and this was the first thing I found in the first shop we went in- A mid-1950’s L’Aiglon dress. (Side note- If you’re ever in Northern California, Auburn is seriously awesome for antiques, especially clothing). I tried it on, holding my breath as I zipped it up, and surprisingly it actually fit! Plus I got an awesome discount on it (always ask, you never know). It was a fabulous find and I got to spend the day with my fabulous Grandma 🙂

The reason I love this dress so much (aside from the fact that it fits wonderfully and has a full “a-line” skirt) is that it’s obviously vintage, but it doesn’t feel costume-y. Plus, that collar and covered buttons are darling. IMGP8946


It also had a few details that added to its uniqueness- It still has an old dry cleaning tag stapled in it, and it only has one pocket!IMG_4383


It’s now one of my favorites in my dress rotation, and adds a little 50’s flair to my closet.


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