Let’s Put a Label on it

Am I the only one who ever has those fits of “I need to clean and re-organize everything RIGHT NOW!”, even when you’re normally more on the slob side of things? Today I had one of those episodes. I ended up cleaning all the air vents and door frames in the apartment, scrubbing the floor, and re-folding all my sweaters and organizing them by color. Some other days, I let the cups collect on the night stand and don’t rinse the toothpaste out of the sink, but it’s all about balance, people.
There is one thing that’s always fun to play with though, no matter where you fall on the spectrum- Label makers! Whether you use it to up your organizational game, or for entertainment purposes, they’re pretty cool.


(Obviously this cat wasn’t as entertained.. but there’s some other funny uses…)



This thing is one of our more peculiar “family heirlooms”- a late 70’s/early 80’s Astro label maker. My Grandpa, always one for the new toys and gadgets, picked this up back in the day and we found it again going through his storage unit. My Mom remembered always sneaking it to play with as a kid, so she was happy to finally be able to put it on her desk as an adult.

Mail Attachment-4Mail Attachment-5

It isn’t always the typical jewelry or china that we pass through the family- Do you have any funny antiques you hang on to?

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