Just My Cup of Tea

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One of the things I love about blue and white china is that it’s sooo versatile. There’s lots of different types, from the Oriental end of the spectrum to very English toile patterns. The color scheme, makes it super easy to mix and match. It’s also modern and neutral enough to incorporate into almost any decor.
Here are some of my favorite blue and white finds, and how I bring them into my home decor 🙂


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This cute little teacup my Mom has had forever. She got it from a friend back in high school who brought it back from Switzerland and its been around ever since. I love drinking my tea from a cute little cup; I feel so fancy! Plus it looks super cute sitting on the shelf.


How cool is this ginger jar? I’ve had lots of luck finding blue and white china at Goodwill at great prices. I was really excited about this one in particular because IT STILL HAD THE LID. Plus no chips or cracks!

Another thing I love about the b&w is that it looks amazing against greenery and flowers. A jar without a lid could make a great vase too.

Here are some other ideas I love from around the web…


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