Welcome to My Corner of Cyberspace…

Hi friends! Or I hope soon to be friends… I dunno, I won’t force you.
I just wanted to take a second and introduce myself and my vision for this blog.
My name is Sydney, and while I’m a California girl at heart, I’ve been all over the place and I’m currently living in the wonderful State of Utah. Exotic, I know. I’ve spent the last few summers traveling around the world, which I hope to do lots more of because it’s aaaammaazing! I like to be outside, whether that be hiking, running or sitting out by the pool. As you may have guessed, I love shopping vintage and thrift. I’ve always been drawn to antiques and have spent many afternoons sitting on the floor of my Grandma’s closet looking through all her old baubles and listening to the stories that come with them. One of my favorite things about second-hand is that you know everything has a story. It didn’t just drop off the conveyor belt in some factory, get boxed up, and neatly placed on the shelf at your local Target. Not only that, but these pieces, whether they be clothing, jewelry, knickknacks or house wears, usually are made with amazing details and craftsmanship. Plus, depending on where you look, you can usually get a pretty sweet deal 😉
Now comes my ambitions for this blog- but first, a personal story (I have lots of these)!
It was my freshman year of college, and at this point I was a pretty seasoned thrifter (I mean, not to brag). I suggested to my roommate that we hit the local Deseret Industries store. She just gave me a confused look, but because we were young freshman looking for an adventure in a tiny town with not much to do, we left our cinderblock apartment and proceeded to walk the mile to the store. When we stepped into the store, Nicole looked at me and said, “Why does it smell weird in here? What are we doing?”. Up until this point in my life, I hadn’t thought that maybe some people didn’t have the same draw to the old possessions of others that I do. I had spent my childhood wandering thrift stores with my Mom finding all sorts of treasures! Thrift stores were like little time machines, wardrobe portals into the Narnia of the past! How could my dear roommate not love it? (She eventually came to like thrifting, don’t worry) Long story short, not everyone picks up thrifting the second they walk into the store. It takes trial and error, a good eye, and a little Googling. Basically, I want to share what I know about thrifting with anyone who might share the same interest in the “old” as me, but are a little intimidated or don’t know where to start.
Along with that, I think there’s the perception that if you shop vintage, it’s all or nothing. I totally admire those who can rock a full outfit from a decade past, but for a lot of us, it’s hard trying to figure out how to incorporate our thrift store finds into our daily lives. Sooo, I want to share my tips, and how I incorporate vintage into my life 🙂

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